Death Grips newest releases are the most unique, contemporary pieces I’ve ever heard. Holy shit. 


Danse Macabre.Bavarian State Library, Bayerische Staatsbibliothekcirca 1488

This is absolutely beautiful


We almost dated is such a sad relationship to have with someone. Almost is such a weird title to own. As if you almost could have tasted his lips and you are almost pretty sure they taste like pink roses. And he almost loved you back and was ready to water your dry ribs and plant flowers in between your lungs.

Almost has become a habit for me. I never really possessed something entirely, and so when I tell you that I am hungry and that I need more than a taste… you have to understand that I have been starving for eras.

Almost is all I know and I wish it wasn’t like this. I want possession and cold pure nights of nothing but the drunken taste of love in my mouth, in my throat, in my veins, in my brain, and in my blood.

I almost had you. Almost.



I Almost Had You by Royla Asghar (via poems-of-madness)


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leaving reality isn’t about doing drugs, its about not having your everyday burdens, chores, and worries. the only worry you have here is what artist to to next? what ride should I venture off to, and what kandi fits this person the best?
Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas <3 life changing


Leif Podhajsky

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